On the 20th of March 2018, Markus Meechan (a.k.a. Count Dankula on YouTube) was found guilty at Airdrie Sheriff Court (Scotland, UK) of a charge under the Communications Act 2003. The video was dubbed "grossly offensive."


The United Kingdom is not travelling down a dark and dangerous road. The verb, 'to travel' has migrated into the past tense. The United Kindom has now traveled down a dark and dangerous road. As of today jokes can be criminal in the UK. Even a joke that is preceeded by a caveat pointing out that it is a joke.

The video is not available in the UK on YouTube's platform so it needed a local home. Below is the joke, from start to end, to give the UK public the full context and show the gravity of the outcome today.

This is a dark day...

Do not let this be forgotten. #FreeSpeech matters. Keep the joke alive... #ShareTheJoke

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